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With Charlie & Sara.

  "Little Fingers Music Keyboard Classes" are a fun introduction to learning the fundamentals of keyboard and music theory through practical playing, and writing exercises.  These classes prepare students for one on one keyboard lessons and you can sign up for group lesson or duo lessons.  

  • We accept 6-18 students per class,

  • Recommended for children ages 8-12  (G-6)

  • Sign up online or send us an email:   

  • Classes run for 30 minutes, once a week and are booked in blocks of  8-10 classes.

  • Curriculum includes pop/rock and classical styles as well as chord charts and theory. 




Charlie Kert: Director, Course Designer and teacher

(Piano, Guitar, Vocal)

B. of Music, Honors Degree in Theory & Composition,

University of Western ON

- Recorded over 50 songs for children

- Writer/Composer: ROCKgarden Party!        

- Supported by Ontario Arts Council Toronto Arts Council, 

Boomwhackers! and Kindness Week.

Sara Pakravan: Coordinator and teacher

(Piano, Vocal)

Bachelor of Music Composition,

Art  University of Tehran

RCM Certified Orff Teacher

Keyboards we recommend:

Casio SA-46 (2.5 octaves)  $49.99

Click Here for more details

Casio SA-76 (3.5 octaves) $69.99

click here for more details

Apps we recommend: 

There are many different piano apps on the market that you can find and download. These are just some examples of the apps that we found.


Apple App Store: The Piano App


Google Play Store: Perfect Piano App




Students will learn to recognize the seven letters of the musical alphabet.

Students will learn hand position on the keyboard, and the first five notes in the treble clef.

Students will learn how to clap and count short rhythms featuring 1/4 notes, 1/2 notes and whole notes.

Students will learn to play short pieces on the keyboard with the first five notes of the treble clef. 



  • Keyboard playing (Finger Dexterity)

  • Music Reading by memorization from sheet music and by ROTE learning.

  • Keeping the Beat (Spacial Reasoning) 

  • Basic music theory

  • BoomWhackers & Hand percussion

  • Singing & jamming as a group

  • Flash Cards & Rhythm Games

  • Singing didactic Little Fingers Music Songs;  (ie 1/4 note jam and 7 letters) with LFM videos and MP3's.

  • All classes are taught by Arts Educator Charlie Kert and Katie Billard.


*The SongBook included in the course is comprised of short, simple pieces that are easy to read, teach by ROTE, and to memorize. Each piece also doubles as a writing exercise in which the students write the letter name above each note. This makes it easier to practise at home. All students are provided with two copies of each piece. One will have the letters written in and a second will be left blank. 

Students also learn how to clap the rhythms in the short pieces so that they can play the pieces rhythmically. 

Children learn up to 4 songs in the treble clef and may begin to learn songs in the bass clef. 



Click here to see and hear our

Beatkeeping JamSongs

(singing, flashcards, handjives, dances etc,)

Let your children watch these videos!

Check out our YouTube  Channel 


  • Namerhymin' (see video) Students learn to make up and sing rhymes for their names to a beat. 

  • "Quarter Note Jam" (see videos)  Students learn to clap 1/4 Notes, 1/2 Notes and Whole Notes to a beat at slow ,medium and fast tempos.  

  • "Seven Letters" (MP3 only) Children learn to "count" the seven letter of the musical alphabet forwards and backwards.

  • Your Face Can Change for Halloween (Mask making handjive to the beat) 

  • Knees (heads) Tummies (Use body percussion to keep the beat and create rhythms) 

  • Pink Purple (song parody of Head Tummies) (Beat keeping with BoomWhackers at slow medium, fast and "Crazy" tempi. 

  • 1,2,3,4 pass a shaker to a friend 

  • Shake Yer Shakers 

  • Lets Skip Stones  Let's Skip Stones  Video  

  • BoomWhacker Shoe Orchestra (Parents get to jam with us during the fimal class)