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Meet our Teachers!

What We Do

We provide all the curriculum books and keyboards for every class, making sure every child gets supervised piano playing time with our 1:4 teacher to student ratio. When students are not on their keyboards, we engage them with writing exercises, songs and games! Every class is followed up with an email from Charlie to all parents regarding homework assignments. All parents and students are invited to weekly zoom classes hosted by Charlie. In these classes, Charlie reinforces lessons learned in the classes and the children are encouraged to play the piece they are working on. All of this is included in our term packages which are $30 per class, for a total of 9-12 classes per term.


We are currently in 12 TDSB schools for the Winter 2024 term, we have been in business in over 30 schools since 1992 and taught over 4,500 kids through group keyboard classes, many of which have gone on to take private lessons to further their musical education.


We have a growing staff of 15 highly qualified music teachers who are all trained to teach my LFM teaching method. We put a heavy emphasis on training our teachers to have fun in the classroom, keeping children entertained by introducing musical concepts through songs and games. We also continue to work with universities such as York University, to give teaching opportunities to teachers-in-training, allowing them to spread their wings under my leadership

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