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Little Fingers Music Videos

Music videos of songs featured in the play, as well as other original children's songs by Charlie Kert. Check out our Youtube page for more videos! 

Little Fingers Music Keyboard Classes 

Lunch and after school programs.

Weekend Classes at Groove School of Dance 

For more information, go to this page.  

ROCKgarden Party! Trailer 

Featuring songs from the Operetta

Empathina sings "No One Needs the Garden (As Much as the Garden Groms"

Shake Yer Shakers

One of the songs in the musical!

Your Face Can Change For Halloween 

Daytime Interview

Kids music workshop performance on TV.


Charlie at the piano keyboard singing about the earth. 

Little Fingers Music

Teacher Testimonials

Grade 3 classroom workshop

Performance of Shake Yer Shakers.

Songs from the Garden

Interactive Jam video 

Jack-In-The-Green singing (How I) Long for My Old Way of Life 

Skate Rat Rant

One of the songs in the musical!

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