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ROCKgarden Party! Reviews 


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Music and movement are central. Participation in the cleverly named "moss pit" is encouraged without pressure.

 - Allison M. Jones, View Magazine  Hamilton July 24-30 2014 


Using music to help children understand environmental issues is a great way to get everyone in the audience involved. A fun and fast paced show, ROCKgarden Party appealed to our young audience members. Love the "moss pit" and all the interactive bits for the kid; the show has a great look with imoressive production values for the costumes and the set.  - M. John Kennedy Chairman of the Board Solar Stage Children’s Theatre  2015 


"The save-the-planet message came through very naturally, as we enjoyed this rich musical experience.

Hats off to Charlie who composed the 8 catchy songs. - Catherine Jan Mooney On Music July, 2014 


“ The performancers have a natural way with children- enthusiastic without being patronizing. The kids I saw in the audience were definitely into it, clapping and bouncing along during the lively bits, and attentive when the message got more serious.” - Anne Bokma  Fringe Festival Community Reviews 2013 


“ Kert is an educator who created this piece for children that focusses on the environment and how to respect our planet. It has vibrant backdrops (created by Lisa Collins) and innovative props that will dazzle the younger audience.” - Tamara Kamermans, The View Magazine Hamilton  2013


“...the show captures the young audience with active participation and Kert's engaging charm.”

- (Jon Kaplan, 2012)  NOW Magazine 


"During the show the cast gives musical instruments to the kids sitting (voluntarily) at the front. They’re very adept at getting the instruments back so we don’t have random instrumentals at the wrong places in the story".

- Mooney on Theatre 2012 


“ Kert is a dynamo of energy who never patronizes his young audience. Rather, he focuses on their innate curiosity and lack of inhibition to draw them into a participatory involvement” - Ontario Arts Review


The performers used song and dance to encourage the pixies to participate, but, unlike many children’s performers, they respected each child’s space and his or her choice to participate or not.

- Beverly Horton, Hamilton Fringe Festival 2013 


“ The show ends with a “celebration of new life”—a rock concert—hence the title of the show. It’s lively, all in good fun, yet carries a message. ”

- John Bandler, Hamilton Fringe 2013


"I like the costumes, the singing and Rock and that you get to do the actions". - Samantha Hodgens, 6 year old fan who saw the show in North Bay. 


“ The children and parents who attended the presentation clearly had a rollicking rock and roll of a time!”  - Barbara Ferguson Toronto Public Library Branch Head, Davenport Branch


“ It is a rare performance that can grab the children’s attention and keep it for a solid hour when the splash pad and other attractions are only steps away. Little Fingers Music was able to do so.  - Jenna Denstadt Coordinator, Storybook Gardens



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