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That was an amazing show - you should be so proud.  It was interesting to sit in the back and watch all the kids’ (and parents’!) reactions.  They were SO excited, even the older kids were just desperate to participate.  The thing that struck me the most were your voices.  You all buzz together the exact technique that I use.  As soon as Jonah opened his mouth I was like wow, I want to pay attention to what ever this guy has to say.  The songs are all so amazing and everyone loved them.  Your ensemble and harmonies were so balanced and really quite impressive.  It’s so nice to hear a group of entertainers really do high level SINGING.  I haven’t heard people really sing like that in a stage show/musical.  You really pulled together an incredible group.  I think listening to Jonah has perhaps inspired you to own your own baritone voice more (even though your voices have completely different colours, they sound great together) - good musicians do what they hear!  I heard a lot of grounding.  The song you wrote for Emily is so beautiful and her performance was really touching.  She has a really fine voice.  I’m not sure if she knows just how good of a voice she has, I sensed some worry from her sometimes but she’s perfection.  Seriously, I hope you’re inspired to write and record more songs because having known you for 3 years, I now feel cheated knowing that type of writing just comes pouring out of you.  So do it!  

You’ve got such a great troupe there.  Everything felt so natural and not contrived.  You can just relax into that and trust it.  I don’t know what the Prologue people are thinking but if they don’t get behind you, they’re idiots.  Everything has come together.  I love the Dr Seuss style script.  It’s super fun to follow.  Great comedic timing from everyone.  I loved the black draping at the beginning - so dramatic!

Anyway, I thought it was excellent and you all looked like you have great chemistry and a lot of fun together.  Enjoy the rest of your run!
Thanks so much for the comp!


Sorry I couldn't stick around and chat after...  Was with some kids, so we needed to jet. 
IT WAS AWESOME. I was so proud of you and where the show is at. I think I smiled throughout the entire show!
Miya (who is 4) had such a fun time. I asked her, "what was your favourite part?" She said, "all of it." And also remarked, "that skater dude was so funny." And Tomi, who is only 1 year old, was so engaged the entire time...and moved to all the music and clapped along.
Also, I saw Justin last night and we think we should arrange a BBQ/hang out soon.
Have an amazing rest of the run of shows. So glad I got to see it! 
Best always, 

PS it was funny how much I still naturally react to the name Earth Angel! Every time it was said in the play, I'd subconsciously perk up... Like, "yes? I'm here."

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“...the show captures the young audience with active participation and Kert's engaging charm.” - (Jon Kaplan, 2012)  NOW Magazine 


“ Kert and Morgan have a natural way with children- enthusiastic without being patronizing. The kids I saw in the audience were definitely into it, clapping and bouncing along during the lively bits, and attentive when the message got more serious.”

 - Anne Bokma  Fringe Festival Community Reviews 2013 


“ It’s a lovely show and a gentle lesson about changing our environment. Max and I both enjoyed it.” - Mooney on Theatre


“ Kert is a dynamo of energy who never patronizes his young audience. Rather, he focuses on their innate curiosity and lack of inhibition to draw them into a participatory involvement” - Ontario Arts Review


“ Kert is an educator who created this piece for children that focusses on the environment and how to respect our planet. It has vibrant backdrops (created by Lisa Collins) and innovative props that will dazzle the younger audience.” - Tamara Kamermans, The View Magazine Hamilton 



“ The show takes us urbanites on a magical journey through nature. ” - John Bandler



“ The children and parents who attended the presentation clearly had a rollicking rock and roll of a time!”  - Barbara Ferguson Toronto Public Library Branch Head, Davenport Branch


“ It is a rare performance that can grab the children’s attention and keep it for a solid hour when the splash pad and other attractions are only steps away. Little Fingers Music was able to do so.  - Jenna Denstadt Coordinator, Storybook Gardens




“ Earth Angel (played by Angele Morgan) and Skater Dude (played by Charlie Kert) have the kind of happy, high energy that delights children and draws them forward” - Beverly Horton 




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