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Many many years ago, in a time too long ago to remember, there was a loud bang, like the shot of a snare drum, only much bigger and louder. Giant Hot Rocks flew throughout the void, attracted by gravity, to the nearest, hottest star. Our rock, “Earth”, landed as the third stone from the sun, and there it sat, circling in the void, empty and all alone. As it cooled, it was bombarded by strange visitors, carrying precious metals and chemicals.


By far, the most precious element they carried was water. Water brought change and made the elements work together in special ways. Soon, the water was everywhere and it hid the rocks from the sky. Then, because of the heat in the middle core of the Earth, some lava rocks broke back to the surface. These rocks, after watching the asteroids and meteors do their dance of life, contained all the wisdom of the ages. Soon, the rocks became covered with a blanket of moss as the water learned to fly through the air. The water and the rocks had also learned to live in harmony, and this harmony started to produce new life and new descendants of the visitors.


These descendants could breathe and dance in the water. They wanted to make friends with the rocks, so they learned to climb out of the water and onto the rocks. The rocks called them Puddlefish. There they learned to breathe the air. The Puddlefish started to change even more growing lungs, voices, arms, legs, and sometimes even wings. Over time, these Puddlefish evolved into great creatures who shook the Earth for millions of years. These were called Dinosaurs.  Without warning, these creatures were wiped out by the same celestial visitors that created them, turning their bodies, and many other living things, into a thick, oily dark liquid that pulsed through the arteries of the underground. 


After a great period of rest, new creatures (and some old creatures as well) began a new dance of life, unaware of the events that had taken place. They learned new dances, sang new songs, and learned how to play music by tapping the bamboo chutes that grew from the ground. All the land on Earth was a ROCKgarden. And in celebration of this, the descendants of the visitors had many parties with singing, dancing, and drumming. This pleased the Earth and she invited her friends, the wind, clouds, and water to join together and make rain. This brought water and food to the descendants who were happy, and they created more descendants. But this younger generation of creatures knew so little about the earth, that they began to value the “dark liquid” (oil) more than the “clear liquid” (water) because the dark liquid made their lives more convenient. 


The rocks watched and remembered and knew they had a story that needed to be retold as time travelled on. For the garden was theirs, as they were there first and watched and helped it to grow.  The early visitors knew they had a responsibility to take care of the Garden but their descendants didn’t understand how subtle the balance of life was, and each generation of descendants, remembered even less than the previous ones.


When it stopped raining, the voices of the Rocks could be heard by those that had learned the value of listening. The Wind blew up the dust which settled in different places on the rocks. It landed in shapes that the creatures could read as stories, telling them the history of how the garden came to be. These scriptures contained the secrets of the spirits that had been buried in the earth since the beginning of time. And these were the creatures that would bring balance and order back to the third rock from the sun... so that all the descendants would dance, a long long time. 




Visitors: Meteors and asteroids  comets

Dance of Life: Life cycle, Evolution.

Descendants: Plants and Animals (Puddlefish, Dinosaurs, Humans).

Dark Liquid: Oil.

Clear Water: Fresh water from rain, mountain streams etc., 

Spirits (ROCKstarSeeds): Invisible and silent creatures of faith. They answer questions of the unknown.

Secrets of the spirits: Knowledge for the wise-men that is buried deep in the earth

Sprites, Elves and Faeries: Magical creatures that have dances with spirits

Voice of the Earth: The ROCK

Wisemen: The winds that translate the ROCK thoughts into their own words.

Rain: Rebirth and cleansing

Grom: Affectionate term for beginner skateboarder

Pixie: Affectionate term for a enthusiastic, positive person.




Behaviour Changes Climate, just as Climate Changes Behaviour

Saving the environment is child's play

Human Nature = Oxymoron? 






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