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Charlie Kert

Piano, guitar, percussion

BMus: Honours Degree in Theory and Composition, University of Western Ontario

1 on 1 Lessons: Piano/Guitar/vocal


I have been teaching music for over 20 years. My method is song based and many of my students sing while playing piano while I jam along on guitar and add harmonies. I specialize in teaching young children but I do teach high school students as well. My relationship with my students is often compared to that of a camp councillor and his campers. My students are encouraged to chose their own pieces. Students are taught how to “sing & play” their piece. I make special arrangements on my computer and create lessons based on their song choice. (Note recognition, rhythm & theory).


Younger students are also taught by ROTE and all students learn to spot recurring patterns to make memorization easier and to give them a better understanding of music. I will transpose the song to make it suitable for their vocal range if necessary.


Lessons include Voice Leading (moving seamlessly from chord to chord using the closest inversion) adding licks, improvising and technique. Students learn to play by ear and learn the theory necessary to make “lifting” & memorization easier. Approximately 1/3rd of the lesson will be spent on Sight Reading, Technique and Ear Training. Older students are given a “Dictation Book” with outlines for practise instructions written out. Lessons are performance oriented and include recording, mini-masterclasses and year end recitals.


I also teach RCM theory and prepared children for RCM exams.


I have also designed a Beginner keyboard method for groups ages 5-7 (3:1) ratio.


I have been an OAC Artist in Education for 7 years and have taught over 1000 hours in Primary Level Classes and written over 250 songs with Primary Aged Students.


I have also released three CDs of children’s music.


I have taken my teaching experience and developed a live children’s interactive music jam that covers many expectations from the Primary Curriculum.

Karen Zila Hayes 



Karen has been working and teaching in the fields of music and performance, and postural safety for over 12 years and has taught programs in some of the GTA’s most prestigious schools. She designs and teaches both private and group lessons for all levels of voice training and her vocal training techniques can be applied to all genres of music. 


Charlie plays his song Breathe on the piano keyboard. 

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