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We are Little Fingers Music and we are here to teach music to the children in your community. 

For over 20 years, Little Fingers Music has been introducing music to young learners through group keyboard classes. With our team of over 20 highly trained music teachers, we encourage an education through fun and games. We emphasize class management skills in our teacher training as well as encouraging a “Camp Counsellor” approach that leaves children excited for the next class.

With our 4:1 student to teacher ratio, we ensure every child gets one-on-one attention to ensure speedy progress over each school term.


Founder and director Charlie Kert holds regular zoom meetings every Sunday where families from all schools can join to learn about their new found skills. This way, we guarantee that every child is on their best trajectory. Charlie also sends off progress emails after classes so that parents are able to track the songs their child is working towards.


At the end of each term, every child receives a grad card and parents receive a final recital video of their child playing a song on the keyboard. 


Cost is $30 a class per child. Classes for the fall run from October to mid December.


We look forward to hearing from you,

Charlie and the LFM Team

Charlie Kert Dir. Little Fingers Music (BMus Honours in Theory & Composition, OAC Artist in Education, RCM)  

Keyboard Kit 


Alesis Melody 32

$70.00 (plus tax) 

Click Here for more details

Goose Neck Phone Holder  

$10.96 (plus tax)

Click Here for more details


Metal Book Stand

$10.99 (plus tax)

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Music Note Stickers $10.95 (plus tax)

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Apps we recommend: 

There are many different piano apps on the market that you can find and download. These are just some examples of the apps that we found.


Apple App Store: The Piano App


Google Play Store: Perfect Piano App



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