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My name is charlie and I love to write, create  "invent" songs 

Songs are like inventions because there was nothign there before they were created and they take a lot of creative thought to write them.


Here is a top 10 list of my favourite inventors. Some are skateboarders


Willie Winkels  Invented the modern skateboard... He also helped invent the mordern snpowboard and a half piper skateboard ramp. 

Lonnie Toft ... Invented wide skateborads and the eight wheeled skateboard

Frank Nasworthy: Inventor of the urethane wheel 

Jethro Tull: Inventor of the Seed drill 

Jimi Hendrix   .. Inventor of psychedelic rock blues guitar

Ian Anderson of Jethro Tull: Creator of rock music that soiunded unique and diffrernt from many of the bands from the 70's 




Invention that turns plastic into oil 

























This Invention Will Change The World, Just Watch
Read more

Solarroadways invented by Scott Brusaw
Video source: Solarroadways,com




Can you make up an invention that could help the environment? 

ie a smoke tack into outer space. 

Houses & cars with solar panels and windmills on them.







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