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Little Fingers Music is a collective of musicians and educators.

Our primary goal is to teach music and songs through 1 on 1 lessons and classes.

We are also a touring group and we have been putting on interactive music concerts throughout Ontario for 15 years.

The show has slowly morphed into an Interactive Musical called ROCKgarden Party!

This environmental tale is also the basis of a series of drama/music workshops in which children  learn about music, acting and the environment.  

These workshops have been taught in Toronto and the Haliburton School of the Arts and were recently approved by the York Region District School Board. We are currently seeking funding (Ontario Arts Council, Crowdfunding, etc., ) to sponsor a project with which children watch adults perform the play and then workshop their own version of the story which they perform publicly for their peers, friends and families. 




If you are a principal, teacher or in a parent council, we offer the following:


*Lunchtime and after school music/drama workshops


*Percussion classes


*Keyboard classes at Lunch or After 4 program. 




* One on one piano, vocal or guitar lessons


* Acoustic cafe


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