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Message of the Play


Our play teaches children to be in tune with nature and to work together to reverse or slow the dramatic effects of climate change. WE MUST STOP BURING FOSSIL FUELS NOW!  


Art is a powerful way for children to help spread a message and create awareness and urgency. 

Did our story inspire you? If so, document your feelings, thoughts and observations.


Create pictures, rhymes, poems, dances skits and stories.  

Create a "repurposed "junk" orchestra" ... write songs, create MP3s and videos.


Send them to your friends and spread the word.

Send them to us and we will post them on our website! 



Students have offered some creative and playful solutions to the problem, such as:

Build a smoke stack into outer space

Build windmills and solar panels on our houses and cars.


The best answer we have had so far is from lil' Mac from the Haliburton School of the Arts. 

She recommended that we run our cars on music. When the music is louder, the cars go faster. 

When the music is softer, the cars go slower. (July 17, 2015) This one is so effective, we are including it on our new poster.


There are many natural solutions currently available for power.

Wind Power, Solar Power, Geothermal Power, Hydropower, Biofuels 


Can you come up with a new, creative solution to the energy crisis?

If so, now would be the time! Show your empathy towards Mother Earth and your respect for Father Time.

Please email us at with your solution and we will post it on our website!


What can YOU personally do to help save the environment?


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