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SkaterDude: Adaptability


SkaterDude's character has the ability to adapt.

He leaves the city and gets lost in a garden. It is there that he learns to write new types of songs and learn to work together with other creatures. He learns to adapt to his new situation. In this picture, SkaterDude adapts to garden living by skateboarding in dance form.

Here he teaches the Earth Angel and the Groms how to do a "Hang 10" skateboard trick.  


Here is a video of SkaterDude skateboarding in the city.  


SkaterDude's language is a mix of old school and new school skate terminology and lingo. 

The lyrics of the song: Skate Rat Rant combines and contrasts  many of these terms. 

Did you know that a "manual" used to be called a "wheelie"? 


Lingos: 70’s Skater Lingo mixed with new lingo  

manual, wheelie, stoked/bummer  gnarly, whoa, radical, rad lil dude, drop in, totally, mellow vibe step back Jack, awesome, vertical, transition, ollie, 180 360, hang ten, surf-style epic, hardcore experience, excellent adventure,  naturally, man , know what I mean? sketchy, pop, roll   blown away Focus your stoke  


Can you make up some words for a language for the Groms? 






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