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                                                                              Top 10 reasons why teachers should throw a ROCKgarden Party!                                                                   in their school.



                                                                              #10 (drum roll) Children will learn about theatre and get to sing, dance and drum.

                                                                              #9. Cross Curricular expectations covered for each Primary Grade (Personal & Social                                                                                 Development, Language, Science & Tech, Health & Physical Activity and the Arts. 

                                                                              #8. Environmental theme: Children learn to end a drought. 

                                                                              #7. Characters personify many of the character attributes emphasized in curriculum                                                                                 such as empathy, perseverance and respect. 

#6. Amazing backdrops, cool costumes, funky props and set design. 

#5. Performance includes free study guides and an Q&A (Covers Science Expectations, Literacy, Positive Character Traits etc.,)  

#4. Classes get to interact with the actors during songs in the "moss" pit.          

#3. Receives consistently strong reviews in public performances.   

#2. Students will relate well to the carefree SkaterDude and mesmerizing Earth Angel. 


And the number ONE reason teachers should throw a ROCKgarden Party! in their school. 

It's cheaper than transporting them to the theatre. (cue Paul Shaffer and his band) 




Emily, Jonah and I  would love to jam wth you at your school. We are often booked by a Principal, teacher or interested parent. The show is 45 minites long and our visit includes a Study Guide and a 15 minute Question & Answer period.  You can ask us questions about our characters, the environmental message in our show, as well as music and singing. During our show, we always invite classes into the "Moss" pit to jam along with us. Our fee is $600* and the parent council will often pay for part or all of our visit. Just email us through the contact link on our website.  - Charlie 

* subject to change, does not include travel 


Get in touch to inquire about a workshop in your school.