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BackStories of the Characters 


Earth Angel 

Life Cycle: Egg, Pupa, Chrysalis, adult  

Hybrid: Butterfly-Sprite    




A butterfly and garden elf became lovers. They met in an twirling air dance (Tour en L’air) in the moonlight one warm summer night. Although they were very different, they fell in love immediately. They wanted to fill the garden with flying creatures that could help Jack in the Green take care of the garden. Together they created many many eggs. that hatched into flying faeries. Every time one of these offspring kissed a flower (pollination), another flower would magically grow. Jack appreciated all their help and let them eat from the leaves on his arms to keep them strong and healthy.  Because the garden was so green and lush, his leaves would grow back almost immediately. 


This cycle went on for as long as any one could remember. Then, without warning, the rain stopped and the creatures became hungry, thirsty, and scared. Many of the creatures dug burrows and hid. All of Earth Angels brothers, sisters and her parents had flown away from the garden in search of food and water when the plants had begun to turn dry and brown. Earth Angel was inside the only faery egg in the garden that hadnʼt hatched and she stayed there because she felt safe and sound. She knew she was ready to hatch from her egg and was waiting for a sign to tell her that the garden was safe. She had heard Jack calling out her name but she sensed concern in his voice, so she waited. But when she heard the garden guitar make new sounds, and the warmth of SkaterDude’s song around her, she felt ready leave the egg... 


She loves all creatures, she’s very empathetic and she never gives up. Sometimes she’s overwhelmed by her inexperience and has trouble sleeping because she is so afraid. 




5 part Life Cycle: Egg, fetus, baby, skateboarder/musician, garden protector/surfer 

Hybrid: Man/Machine (computer)  


SkaterDude's Mom grew up on a farm and she always talked about how beautiful living on a farm was. But his Dad was an urban cityman who worked in advertising and media so they lived in the city. 

When SkaterDude was young, his parents bought a piano for his sister and she started taking piano lessons. Out of curiosity, he hopped up on the bench and started jamming out music.  As he got older, his friends started showing him some chords on the guitar and he started to sing and play his own songs, making up words and melodies to the chords he knew. Sometimes the stories from books TV and music inspired him, and sometimes it was the people and the events in his life that caused him to write down his thoughts in a notebook, jam out tunes, and record them. Sometimes he would listen to a song and try to figure it out by ear. It brought him great joy but he got so lost in the world of music, that he became oblivious to the rest of life going on all around him. Like most musicians, he started to record himself on a computer and became very tech savvy and dependent on machines and social media. He often wore ear buds and was constantly on his smart phone for email, texts, GPS and surfing the net. He was a good athlete but found following all the rules to organized sports boring. He hated waiting around. When an older friend let him borrow a skateboard, his life opened up and he began to practise every day. As he got older, he started skating and jamming with his friends. They all learned how to shoot photos and videos of themselves skating and posted these on line for everyone to see. His Mom grew up on a farm and she always talked about how beautiful living on a farm was. This gave him an unrealized affinity towards nature.


He can be oblivious, reckless and blinded by science and technology but he is also good natured, creative and open to change.  


Jack in the Green


Life Cycle: Seed, Sapling, tree,  Hybrid: Elf/Tree


Jack in the Green is a hybrid of a Puckish elf and a tree. His father was a huge maple tree, who had maple syrup running through his veins. Jack’s Mother was a garden faery who was trying to help the mapleʼs seeds pollinate when she became magically pregnant with Jack during a flood. While Jack was still quite young, his father was struck by lightening and felled. He learned that even the strongest things aren’t invincible and the we are vulnerable to nature and our environment. He was terrified of the lightning and became moody when it rained. Some of his Father’s singed leaves spelled out a message to Jack; that he should listen to the rocks and following their wisdoms... he needed to protect this garden because it contained the necessary elements that kept the garden creatures alive. Jack was able to put the messages of the rocks into his own words and using this wisdom, he guided the creatures of the garden who listened to him with awe. 


Jack kept musical instruments around the garden from “the time before”.  He also knews these instruments are important, so he kept them in tune and in good working order, well protected from the elements. He loved to write songs from the heart but because he was a tree they were often very sappy and often dwelled on the past instead of the present and future  He had an excellent ear and could echo any sound he heard in the garden. Life in the garden was simple, economical and what you had made you happy. Life was slow paced and each moment was appreciated and enjoyed.


Jack in the Green loved to throw parties in the garden for all the garden creatures.  He was a great chef and made certain all the creatures of the garden had plenty to eat and drink. Every time they would eat a plant, they would plant a seed. Every time they would eat an egg, they would protect another egg to make sure it hatched safely. Then without warning a drought came, accompanied by strange dark patches that covered the garden. There is a sense of loss of control and their way of life, garden life,  was in jeopardy. Jack knew he had to find a way to end the drought and rid the Garden of the dark patches but he was overwhelmed by the gravity of the situation. He was concerned that the drought that had arrived was the worst there had ever been and he couldn’t understand why the drought was so severe.




Life Cycle:  Big Bang, flying rock, orbiting rock,  volcanic, molten lava rock, hard rock.  


"Hybrid emotions" in that he loves man-kind but doesn’t want to see man-"un-kind" make the earth uninhabitable for the rest of creation. 


The ROCK struggled to fight to get to the surface to escape the heat of the Earth’s core and he believes strongly in the human spirit. He knew the earth had gone through great changes before his time and had seen many dry and wet seasons. He’s seen the earth in its many forms and knows how fragile life can be. He understands, better than anyone, change must come now if the garden is to flourish. The ROCK that thinks but cannot talk directly to creatures because it doesn’t have a mouth and cannot emit sound. Jack in the Green could hear his thoughts though and so the ROCK communicated to all of the garden creatures though Jack. As a leader, he focuses more on responsibility than power and ease of life and gives daily lessons to all of the creatures that gather around him. He listened to the complaints of the garden creatures and tried to make them happy and comfortable.


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